Low Cost Links - 4800 Do-Follow Backlinks


Everyone knows the power of links, but building good, solid links takes time....

That is until now!

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This is a 4800 do-follow back link package with the following parameters:

85% + of these links will be do-follow

70% + of these links will use your anchor text (the others will use your URL as anchor text in order to achieve a better rotation for your anchor text)

70% + of these links will be live within 7 days of delivery

50% + of these links will be from unique domains.   Example: 2 links may be built on the same domain, which is not a bad thing, we just believe in full disclosure.

The links to your URL will be placed on sites with page rank ranging between 0-5 as forum postings similar to this sample:

Title: Hello, I am new to this forum

Post: Hello

I just would like to introduce myself to the forum!

I am new here and am checking it out.

your anchor text linking to your url here

Your order will be complete within 7 business days, and we will deliver you a text file with a list of all pages where your links reside.

The page rank of the forums and sites your links will be posted on will range anywhere from a PR 5 to a PR 0.

The low, low cost of this link building campaign is $87.  This will give you everything mentioned above.  All we need from you is the site you wish to promote and the anchor text you would like used.  We will rotate up to four different anchor texts for you per URL, you can specify your URL and anchor text once payment has been made.


$87 gets you our low cost link package of 4800 do-follow backlinks built today!  That's a cost of less than 2 cents per link, an incredible value, don't miss out!

Once payment has been made, you will be taken to another page where you can give us all the information we need to start building links for you.