What Google Wants In SEO for 2012

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So we all have heard that a large SEO shakeup is in the works, where Google is going to target over optimized sites.  The question then becomes, what do they consider over optimized?

We think the better thing to ponder is what Google wants in SEO for 2012.  After all, every large scale change (and minor tweak) they make is with the goal of improving their search results to return the results they want.   Give them what they want and your site should do well.

For some perspective on why the continued changes, we can take a look at a piece by Aaron Friedman at Searchengineland that discusses this ‘over optimization’, and why it is such a tricky problem:

… if we think about the core goal of Search Engines, it has always been to give the best possible user experience. The search engines have done a fantastic job to date (more or less) to give us these results and deliver us relevant content. More information is being consumed today than ever before.

As time has progressed, SEO has evolved. As more people create and optimize content, content is becoming more “SEO’ed” than it is organic. The goal to enhance the user experience and stay relevant has been put in jeopardy. The nature and goal of SEO hasn’t changed, but the practice has evolved.

Yesterday’s keyword stuffing is just stupid. But it was a threat at one point. Today, it can sometimes be a fine line where we “over SEO-ify” our content. Engines are aware of this too and according to Matt Cutts, it will become something that could harm sites in the future.

This brings us to the problem. Search engines now need to combat overly optimized content with something else of value.

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So how are they going to combat overly optimized content with little value to the end user?  We’re not real sure about that, but if we focus on providing high quality content that is fresh and relevant, we are producing what Google wants and ultimately their rankings will reflect that.

Of course there will always be a place for SEO.  There are many things that can be done to help improve your off site metrics, and link building is central to that, but if it is not done in conjunction with improvement to your onsite content, you are not likely to see much benefit.  Our advice is to create high quality, authoritative content on a regular basis.  Make that your number one task, and then promote your site with quality promotional techniques.  As a basic game plan, this should be a winning long term strategy – find what Google wants in SEO and give it to them.

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