The New Google Penguin 2.0 Update

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So yesterday Google released the updated version of Penguin.  This is a continuation of their first Penguin update, meant to fight webspam.  It goes deeper with regards to websites and looks at not only the home page, but internal pages as well.  What this means is that it is more important than ever to ensure your on-page metrics are up to snuff as this new update is supposed to impact more sites than the original Penguin update did.

There are a number of things you can do to ensure your site does not run afoul of this new Penguin update.  Again, the main metrics that this update will be looking at are onpage issues.  The key that I take away from what I hear is that they are taking the whole site into consideration rather than relying on the home page.  This is good news if you are aware of this fact, as by going through your internal pages and ensuring they are clean and Google friendly you can position your site to take advantage of this update.

One quick and easy thing you can do today that will help your site is to run a Copyscape check on each page of your site.  Copyscape is a site that will compare your content with other content out there on the internet and let you know if your content is duplicated elsewhere. You can click through to the site with the offending content and Copyscape will tell you how many words and what percentage of the text is duplicated.  If you find duplicated content elsewhere on the web you should update your content and change it so that it is not triggering the duplicate content issues.  I know, if you wrote the content you may feel violated, but trust me it is easier to re-write your content than trying to get it removed from the sites who have taken it!

Another thing you can do right now to help your site is to do a link check.  Check all outgoing links from your site and ensure that the sites they link to are still online and are not spammy or low quality sites.  Linking out to bad neighborhoods is not a good thing, we all know that.  With this update, however, your whole site could be impacted due to old links that are on buried internal pages you may have forgotten about.  Go do a once over on your site today and make sure it is Penguin 2.0 ready.

For those who are interested, here is the update video of Matt Cutts announcing the rollout:


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