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Anchor text is extremely important when building a linking campaign. The anchor text in your links tells the search engines what your site is about. What many overlook, however, is the importance of anchor text on your site.

In the navigation structure of your site, you can choose what text to use for each individual page. Additionally, you can choose the anchor text displayed on your internal pages pointing back to your home page. This is a valuable tool, and one that you should use to make sure that you are giving the search engines clear information on what your pages are about. In addition to the anchor text, the location of these links dictates their importance.

One simple change to your navigation structure can lend a hand to achieving better search engine rankings.

Links located towards the top of your page are going to be given more relevance. Most sites have their navigation at or near the top of the page, meaning your navigation links are given more weight than other links on your page. At the top of this navigation is typically a link to your home page, meaning that link is given the heaviest weight. Many sites simply label their home page “Home” in the navigation structure. By changing this label to your main keyword or keyword phrase, you can bring some added benefits for your search engine optimization.

As you promote your interior pages, and their authority grows, it will also help grow the authority of your home page for your chosen keyword. Your interior pages likely all link back to your main home page. By utilizing proper onsite anchor text for this link you can tell the search engines over and over what your home page is about. By the same token, labeling your internal pages properly is going to help as well.

This is a simple change to make, and as your SEO campaign progresses, it will contribute to the ranking of your home page for your targeted keyword or phrase as well as help your interior pages rank for terms that they relate to (and that you want them to rank for). You may not be able to control all the off-site factors for your SEO campaign, but you can control the onsite factors. Make sure to use proper onsite anchor text and it will benefit your site in the long run.

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