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Top 3 Link Building Strategies Post Penguin

It has been a while since the Penguin update was released by Google and there is still a lot of conversation about how to properly promote your website to stay within Google’s good graces.  Today we’ve put together an overview of 3 top link building strategies for post Penguin success.

While this piece is not meant to be an all encompassing link building how to guide, it should give you some direction on your link building campaign.  The biggest piece of advice we can give is that you need to have a link building campaign.  Links are still very very important for ranking well in Google – you just need to go about it in the right manner.


Internal Page Linking

When people build links, it is natural for them to concentrate on building links to their main page.  The home page is the landing page, that is typically where your main keyword phrases are located, and that is the easiest way to build links.  The problem is that it is not the best strategy to build all your links to your home page.

Linking to your internal pages not only gives you a more diverse looking link profile (that is a good thing), but it allows you to target long tail keywords and very low competition phrases.  These long tail keywords and low competition phrases are going to add up over time, each one bringing in some traffic.  In addition, the link juice is going to flow through to the other pages of your site, so even if you are not building links to your home page, your home page is still going to see the benefit of these links.


Social Media Links

Social media is big.  Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other sites such as Delicious, Stumbleupon and Pinterest – all these sites are social sites.  Google is taking more and more social signals into account in their rankings, and if you don’t have social signals, your site is going to suffer.  Not only is social media linking important now, but it is only going to become more important as social media continues to become ingrained in our daily life.

You should have a Facebook page for your site, and you should interact and post to that page regularly.  You should have a Twitter account for your site.  Pinterest is a good site that you can use very creatively.  Linkedin is a great site for businesses, and you can create group pages there too.  Of course we must also mention Google +, Google’s social site.  Create a presence on these sites and participate with others in your niche.  If you have good content, not only will you be building your own links, but others will begin to share your content.  That is where the real power of social media links can start to kick in.


Diverse Linking

You have to have a diverse link profile.  Social bookmarking, forum posting, articles, guest blogging, social media links, links from sites like Squidoo and Hubpages, links from related sites, even directory links and Wiki links.  Create a diverse link profile and grow it in a diverse manner rather than focusing on only one type of link.  In addition, continue your link building so you have a steady stream of activity to your site.

Not only do you need a diverse linking footprint with regards to where your links are coming from, but you also need a diverse linking footprint with regards to the keywords you are using for your anchor text.  This is incredibly important, and we have written a blog post that goes hand in hand with this post – Proper Anchor Text Distribution for Better Rankings.  Combining proper anchor text distribution with a good mix of link sources can be a powerful combination, and is what Google seems to be looking for these days.

Good luck!

HTML meta tag verification in Webmaster Tools

Webmaster tools is a great way to get a lot of very valuable information about your website. Some site owners, however, may believe it is too difficult to get their site set up within the Webmaster Tools area. It is really not a very difficult process, and is something you can do in less than fifteen minutes.

This video is directly from Google and goes over the HTML meta tag verification in Webmaster Tools. HTML meta tag verification is probably the easiest way to verify your site with Google, and doing so will allow you access to traffic and search stats, as well as allow you to get updates from Google on your site.

These updates can be very important. There are some updates that may relate to the version of software you are using (such as WordPress) that needs to be updated. In addition, if your site has been compromised or hacked so it contains malware, Google will update you. Unnatural links and other issues will also be communicated to you.

In addition, the features that show where your site is ranking and for what search terms can be very valuable. By knowing what your site ranks for now, you can adjust your marketing to either improve on that subject matter, or you can take the information and know that you need to do some additional work to rank better for other terms.

For all the benefits, however, many site owners are not set up in Google’s Webmaster Tools. Watch this video and get your site verified today!

Source: Youtube

Google Search Result Page Update

For those of you paying attention you will notice that Google has updated their search results page.  This update is yet another change they have been rolling out this year.  They have added more white space to give the results a cleaner look, moving much of the clutter that used to be on the left side of the page to the top.

In addition to giving their results page a cleaner look with more white space, this change is also giving more room for Google’s ads.  For many searches you may notice a lot more ads ‘above the fold’, with even individual and specific item results displayed.  There are some searches where, between the ads and the sponsored results box, the natural results do not even start until almost the page break.

So what does this mean for SEO?  It means that top rankings are even more important today than ever.  If you want to drive traffic using Google’s natural results, it is becoming more and more difficult.  Not only do you have to compete with all the other sites that are in your niche, but you also have to compete with all of the ads that are placed on the results page.

Looking at this more closely, you will see that getting a top three ranking is incredibly important.  It is common knowledge that many users do not scroll down – if your site is listed below the fold, your click through ratio falls dramatically.  As more and more ads are put on the home page of Google, you need higher and higher rankings to maintain visibility above the fold.  To make matters more challenging, Google continues to modify their ranking algorithm, making SEO more difficult now than it has been in the past.

We came across a pretty good looking product that can help with this.  This product is downloadable to your local hard drive.  You put in your website and keywords and it will give you instructions on what you need to do to rank in the top ten on Google.  This is for any keyword, and it is guaranteed.  If you follow their directions, they guarantee you will get top ten rankings or your money back.  This guarantee is for a full year.

This product is different than many other products we have seen.  They don’t outsource link building, write articles, or do other common SEO tasks that many do.  Instead, the software simply looks at your site, as well as the other sites ranking for your keywords, and gives you exact instructions on how to rank in the top ten.  The work is up to you, but having a blueprint to top rankings custom tailored to your site is pretty cool.

Check it out here – – you get a 30 day free trial, and a one year guarantee on the product.  We are affiliates with this group, so if you order through our link we will be compensated, but this is an incredible product for a great price, plus it is guaranteed.  For a fraction of the cost of a single month of SEO services, you can have an exact roadmap to top rankings.

With all the changes Google is making now, and will continue to make, having top rankings is going to get more and more competitive.  Check out the software and give it a test drive for 30 days then check back in here and let us know what you think.  For a more detailed look at exactly what the result page changes look like, check out this great article at Webpro News.

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