Matt Cutts Talks About The Qualities of a Good Website

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As everyone who reads what we have to say knows, when Matt Cutts talks it is a good idea to listen.  At least when he is talking about websites and what is good or bad in the eyes of Google.  In this question and answer short video, Matt Cutts touches on a number of aspects of websites, including some of the qualities of a good website.

Why is this important?  Google has been cleaning house for some time now to get rid of the sites in their index that they consider to be not good websites.  By listening to what they have to say and being sure that your site displays the qualities of a good website, you can improve your rankings within the largest search engine in the world.

If you have five minutes, take a look at this video.  If you come away with only one tidbit of information that is helpful it will be well worth your time:



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