Matt Cutts on Internal Linking and No Follow Link Notation

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Internal site linking is an important aspect of SEO. Not only is it an important aspect, but it is one aspect that you have direct control over. You can adjust and fine tune your internal linking to maximum benefit of your site. The trouble is that many people do not take the time to optimize their on site content, much less their on site linking.

Today we are looking at a video from Matt Cutts. We’ve found that when Matt Cutts speaks, it’s best to listen. In this video he is discussing onsite linking and the use of the no follow notation with regards to internal links on your site. If you don’t know what the no follow notation does, it basically prevents link juice from flowing from one page to the other. You can utilize this tag to ensure your site or page is not ‘leaking’ authority to places you don’t want it.

Check out this video, it’s less than 3 minutes long and well worth the watch:

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